Our Dental Fees | Stanhope Place Dental Practice

Initial Consultation £97.00
Routine Check Up £75.00
Radiographs Each   £14.00
Hygienist visit (45 min)   £100.50
Dental Fillings From   £275.00
Inlays / Onlays From   £910.00
Crowns / Bridges From   £980.00
Porcelain Veneers From   £980.00
Root Canal Treatment From   £450.00
Tooth Whitening From   £375.00
Dental Implants From £3850.00


Frequently Asked Questions about my fees

How are your fees set?

The primary driver in setting the fees for my dental services is the time that I allocate for each service, which I provide. The fee that I charge is the cost of producing dental services in that time plus the cost of the expertise with which the service is provided. That production cost consists of my dental practice’s overheads, costs of material used and (if applicable) any fee paid to dental technician for fabrication of a restoration such as crowns or veneers.

Why are your fees different to other dental practices?

Cost overheads, time spent to provide a particular services, the expertise with which dental services are provided and the experience of service provider will be varied from practice to practice.

Do you give a guarantee of the work that you carry out?

I always point out that most of the work which I provide are warrantied for a period of 12 months. The guarantee which I give is that you will receive the best treatment and aftercare that my dental practice can provide; and that I will always have your best interest foremost in my mind.

How can I pay for my dental treatments?

At Stanhope Place Dental Practice you can pay for your dental treatment in many different ways. We accept payment in form of cash, debit or credit cards. We are also delighted to recommend an interest-free loan facility through Direct Dental Finance which aims to help with the high-value treatment plans.

 In the interest of efficiency and clarity please note that payment is expected following each appointment.

Appointments missed or cancelled without 48 hours notice will be charged at a rate proportionate to the length of the missed appointment.

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